Friday, February 6, 2009

Returning to Blog World: Andrew's First Weeks

Hi everyone,

Its been awhile since I have posted an update- As expected we have been pretty busy since the birth of Andrew; Our days and nights have been filled with bonding, nursing, diaper changes, sleeping, and lots of love.

Andrew is now 3 weeks old a little over 8lbs and cuter than ever. Each day he grows more alert and interactive. If you kiss his neck he make the cutest happy baby noises and he loves locking eyes with Mama and Daddy. The experts say they are not yet capable of smiling, "its just gas" but we all know better, he really is the happiest baby around!

Every moment with him is so precious, in my mind its absolutely unfathomable that three weeks have already passed since his birth. I want time to stand still so I can breathe in all the baby goodness.

Some of our major milestones this past month include Andrew's first trip to Daddy's hometown, bath, doctor's visit, trip to the mall, and dinner outing. He has established that as long as his cornucopias milk supply is near he is content for all the adventures yet to come.

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