Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Setting a Date, Planning a Wedding

We set a wedding date for August 9, 2008 and the frantic wedding planning began! I'm rather proud of my amazing wedding budget skills but nonetheless it would have not been possible without out our access to Cousin Debbie's amazing visions and wedding materials!

The photos below are what I used for my inspiration. The cake is from www.theknot.com - very helpful site for anyone planning a wedding! The Bridesmaid Dress is from David's Bridal and the floral arrangements are by Better Homes and Gardens.

Some other helpful resources that I discovered while planning my wedding include:

iDo Wedding Couples Edition


Getting in Shape/Healthy

As you can see I had some fun planning my wedding but I also would like to address that too many times brides-to-be (myself included) get so wrapped up in the "big day" event planning that they lose sight of whats really important- The Marriage! The wedding festivities are for one day, they come- go, and fade away to photo albums, but your marriage lasts for a lifetime so don't neglect the more important details of nurturing the relationship that will bud into the beginnings of your new life together.

I would recommend that every couple read 101 Questions to ask before getting Engaged by H. Norman Wright (If your already engaged its not too late to read) and to seek pre-marital counseling with a professional.

Happy Wedding Planning

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