Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Music Lesson

It is never too early to get started on music lessons but when you weigh less than twenty pounds the selection of musical instruments becomes limited. Considering that Andrew has already mastered percussion via rattle Mommy decided to direct him towards a more harmonious option, piccolo.
Waiting in anticipation to get started, we listen to a Mozart sonata.
First, Andrew learns how to tune the instrument by adjusting the head joint.

...but we need to work on posture.

Sitting in playing position Andrew demonstrates for the camera how to hold the piccolo with both hands. I would like to note that he was able to place his left index finger correctly without any assistance.

The horizontal hold was a little heavy so Mommy helped out.

His embouchure technique is remarkable!


Lisa said...

LOL! That's so cute! In the picture of him sitting in the corner of the crib....I see Eli in him.

Niecey said...

SO adorable

Anonymous said...

haha Too cute