Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Choissers Explore New Harmony,Indiana

We went to New Harmony Indiana last weekend to support Bryan's Stepmother Alice, in an Art/Craft Fair. She makes garden art such as fountains, bird feeders, and charms out of copper. The photo below is a macro shot of one of her stunning lily pad wreaths.

Grandma Alice, Grandpa Randy, and Baby Andrew pose in front of their Copper Penny Garden Art Booth.

Three Generations of Choisser Men smile pretty for the camera

According to my brochure:
"A community that began almost two hundred years ahead of its time,New Harmony was first a spiritual sanctuary that later became a haven for international scientists, scholars, and educators who sought equality in communal living."
We enjoyed the day exploring the historic sites and got creative with some photography.

Here are some photos of our quickly growing family

Leave it to my Husband and Mother to turn a beautiful serene ivy garden into a playground. This is what I get to deal with since I married someone just like my Mom!

Thankfully, this adorable "Father son shot" and "Grammy with baby" make up for their silly behavior.

Alright, my turn to have some fun in the ivy garden.
Now you see me
Now you don't (Heh, gonna have to photo shop my hands out of this

Three generations

....and now and important message brought to you by the Harmonites, "A culture that does not teach prayer soon runs mad with desire".

Ohh another pretty fountain to pose at, I even managed to keep my Husband and Mother from jumping in!

Attachment parenting at its finest
Just call us the Bush family(ducks and hides from democrat husband)
My Mom ran away
Over the Wabash and into Illinois
Finally, I leave you with this loving image of husband and wife hugging along the Wabash River under a tree tunnel. Awww...

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Beautiful photos of a beautiful family