Saturday, November 1, 2008

Painting The Baby Room

Living in an apartment comes with many advantages but one of the major downfalls is the restricted freedom I have on decorating the area we call home, especially the walls. If I had the liberty to paint the wall I would but my request has been denied and because I don't want my baby to miss out on a cheerful room (the truth is, Mommy doesn't want to miss out on decorating a baby room) I have had to channel my artistic side and make the most of a desperate situation.

To the right is a close up of my adorable baby room theme "clover fields" not to be confused with the movie cloverfield, haha. As you can see its neutral colors featuring a lamb, bunny, and quacky little chick, but oddly enough- no clovers. Anyways, since I can not paint the wall I have begun an extensive painting project involving six canvases. One wide canvas to go above the changing table, an extra large rectangle piece to go above the bed, and four smaller squares that will complement each other on the opposing empty wall.

I finished the first canvas a couple days ago and hope to start on my big rectangle project tomorrow. Below is a photo of the painting I did that will hang above the changing table. I apologize for the poor cell phone photo quality.


Close up of sheep

Tomorrow's painting project (large rectangle) is going to be my attempt at capturing the scene on the comforter from the bedding set.



The O'Neal Family said...

I love the bedding and you did a beautiful job with the first painting..can't wait to see the rest.

Sam said...

That is so cute.

spiritsong said...

I love the fat, happy sheep!
You've done a great job painting!