Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Review

Friday, Bryan decided to do something special and take me out on a date. He came home from work with a sweet card and a beautiful Fall floral arrangement. We had a yummy dinner at Red Lobster, did some Christmas browsing, and saw Quantum of Solace. I would like to add that while I do enjoy the new 'James Bond' I really miss the tall, dark, handsomeness Pierce Brosnan brought to the character-Thankfully, my husband makes up for all of that is lost ; ). It was a nice change in pace to just get out and savor some time together before baby boy arrives.

Saturday, Bryan got to sleep-in and unwind from the stressful work week and I ventured out in the pre-holiday shopping madness to run some errands. The official Black Friday ads are yet to be published but the general public has still managed to go mad.

The first stop I made was at Petsmart in search for the allusive top entry cat litter box, only to find that the store made me nauseous. It was so crowded with both humans and animals that there was no way I was going to stand in a 45 minute long line with a thirty-five dollar poop collector in toll. While escaping l was pleasantly pleased to find that Scooby and Shaggy were arriving to investigate the crowding matters and stock up on some serious snackage. The Mystery Machine even parked next to me as seen via my cell phone shot to the left. Next stop Walmart.

Shockingly, Walmart proved to be a pleasant experience as I was greeted with someone pulling out of their first row parking spot, cha-ching!! I managed to grab a few odds-ends without getting trampled and only had to wait in line for a few minutes. Little to my knowledge would the grocery store experience be less than ideal.

I can attest to the fact that pregnant women do not get any special treatment when it comes to the Holiday rush, we still get cut off from good parking spots, I even saw a man with his teenage son park in a "pregnant" lady spot at the grocery store. I'm choosing to assign positive intent to this man(I was feeling the need to go hormonal on his Lincoln Navigator) and that he had a pregnant wife sending him on an emergency errand. I gave up on finding a good spot in the rain and parked in the very back of the parking lot, can't complain because I could use the exercise.

After I got home from all the shopping Hubby decided on a spontaneous trip to Illinois to visit his Grandparents. We just found out this past week about a "cancerous" growth on his Grandpa's lung-please pray for him! We enjoyed spending Saturday Evening and most of Sunday with them and I even got to try Raisin pie for the first time (I'm sure it was a delicious pie for all those raisin lovers out there but I would recommend apple). On our way back home we stopped by Jaime and Brian's to visit their new baby girl, Anya.She's such a precious little bundle!Photobucket

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spiritsong said...

Awwww...getting a headstart on the baby love. What a blessing to be pampered by your hubby.