Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello Blog

Hello Blog,

I have neglected you. Andrew has kept me busy and now that Winter has subsided I have been finding myself outside more often than not.

As of yesterday, my little boy has been in the world for ten whole weeks!! I love being a mother and absolutely can not imagine life without children--I'm ready for round two ;)

My adventures in Mommyhood have led to so many fun and sometimes frustrating discoveries.

My Mei-Tai wrap (<--see photo) arrived last week and I'm head over heels in love with the thing and so is Baby A. No longer do we fumble with the big bulky stroller and a heavy baby seat when running in and out of stores.

I have also discovered the joy of cloth diapering, it was a little intimidating at first but now that I'm used to it 'sposies are out of the question. Have you ever blown up a marshmallow in the microwave?-- Disposable diapers in laundry have the same explosive properties, except they spew forth hundreds of gross gel beads EVERYWHERE (just don't ask me how they ended up in my washing machine-LOL)!

Now is my chance to get a shower, G2G.

Until next time,


Niecey said...

Fantastic post. I'm glad you sound so happy and that photo is the cutest!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! What kind of wrap is it (or is it a Mei Tai?) I love that fabric:)

Jennifer said...

I'm pretty sure its a Mei Tai? I got it from lovey duds on Etsy

Anonymous said...

Wow- those are really cute:) They are wraps though:) Its just a long piece of stretchy fabric, right?