Monday, March 30, 2009

Homemade Stuff Rules!

We love homemade items here in the Choisser household, especially ones made just for Mr Squeaks! Here are a few pictures of him modeling some his favorite hand crafted items.

Here Andrew is modeling an afghan that my Mom knitted during my pregnancy. She chose colors to match his nursery.

I had plans to do a series of paintings for the "clover fields" theme of Andrew's nursery but I only finished one canvas that spans the length of the changing table.

Painting for Nursery

In this photo Andrew is sportin' a sweater that my vary talented online "penpal" Beauty4Ashes crocheted him.

I will be back with a picture of Andrew's blanket that Aunt Denise made him its on my other computer ;)


...and last but not least, this little bundle was homemade with love.

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