Monday, April 13, 2009

Got Ears?

I don't think my husband even noticed what I did to his Easter Bunny!

It was supposed to look like this:
reester bunny Pictures, Images and Photos
Not this:
MMmmm...bad wife, bad!
I hope everyone had a Happy and Blessed Easter, Love The Choisser's


momyshaver said...

Beyond hilarious. Reminds me of the time I snuck into my husbands cookie dough ice cream (I had eaten all mine weeks ago and his remained barely touched in our freezer; not fair!!) Anyways.. I ate all the cookie chunks and when he finally went for his ice cream a week or two later he was pretty steamed and was like..WTH Jen?!? I tried to pretend I was innocent but it was no use.. my guilt was obvious; at the time I was the only other person in the house tall enough to reach the freezer. We were newlyweds at the time. Ahhh memories.. and mammeries..hey, a pregnant momma gets hungry..nursing moms too. :p

Niecey said...

I didn't eat my soup or my bread just the bunny....the bunny...the bunny (I'll totally be singing that in my head all evening now)