Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Bryan

I'm having anxiety over the suspense of not telling Bryan what his Birthday gift is so without further ado I'm going ahead and unveiling the "big surprise". Lets just hope he actually reads my blog!

Those of you that know Bryan may be aware of his annual trip to attend Thunder Over Louisville. Due to having a baby the chances of upholding his tradition have been slim to none, and I feel bad that we are not getting to go like we did in the past.

Thankfully, his creative wife came up with a back up plan...

A weekend getaway at a hotel that has its own waterpark! Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 76 degrees, if its too cold to swim we still have the HUGE indoor pool to look forward too! Did I mention that the hotel is 0.76 miles away from...THIS?? Oh, and that these fine people are going with us?

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