Friday, April 17, 2009

Rainbow Fun

My latest project may not taste like Skittles but you can still, "taste the rainbow". Today's adventure is brought to you thanks to my husband's love for silly cakes. Speaking of silly cakes, there is some good stuff over at and now without further ado I present the technical process of baking rainbow cupcakes.

Normally, I would make my own cake batter but the 3month old requires me to budget time wisely so I had my dear old friend Betty whip some white cake batter up for me.

For taste test purposes I stuck my clean finger in the bowl, took a lick, and proceeded to pour what looked like evenly divide batter into 5 glasses.

...and now the real fun begins thanks once again to my friend Betty and her handy-dandy gel food color tubes.

I swirled the dye on purely for aesthetic purposes, ooh pretty!

As you can see in the picture below I created a ROYGBIV color spectrum with my gel color tubes minus the IV because I'm a busy housewife and don't have time to work with 7 colors, we are a 5 color household.

Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore. Here are the beautiful mixing results!

Now that the primary rainbow spectrum batter is mixed it is time to move on to the layering process.
#1 Wrappers

#2 Layer the colors (I layered in reverse rainbow order BGYOR), just keep laying until you have used up all the batter

#3 Bake according to cake recipe directions

#4 While the cupcakes cool, take an adorable picture of nearest baby

#5 Slap on the icing(hopefully your better at it than me)

#6 Dissect

#7 Eat!

#8- Bonus! As I was writing this my husband sent me a photo of the beautiful rainbow he captured through his window at work!


momyshaver said...

Beautiful! I could set aside some daily points for those!

Lisa said...

Those look yummy! I think I'll do that with the girls!

Katharine said...

Ahh soo pretty! You RULE!

The O'Neal Family said...

Those are really cool! I've never even thought to do that. I'm thinking that will be a pretty cool bday idea for a soon to be 5 yo I know. ;-)

spiritsong said...

Great job! :)

Ashley said...

you are so creative! thanks for the great idea and for getting me started on the cakewrecks site. it is so funny!