Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cloth Diapering

I'm going to attempt to cloth diaper my babe-not exactly trying to be Captain Planet but there are a lot of benefits to cloth diapering and yes, I am well aware of the disadvantages. Realizing that its possible to change my mind at any point if it becomes too challenging, we are all about having happy baby bottoms here in the Choisser household, and if my Grandmothers and their Grandmothers could do it I know I can.

I honestly think the most intriguing thing about cloth diapering is the tremendous amount of money it saves and how it virtually makes diaper rash a non-existent element. Plus, if you don't mind and extra load of laundry, cloth diapering is becoming pretty simple.

I'm not as practical or frugal as some Mamas who choose to use prefolds but these Fuzzi Bunz (and other pocket diapers) are pretty awesome and still save lots of money and make for such cute baby butts!

According to a website that calculates diapering costs, if I purchase 12 Fuzzi bunz and the supplies I need to diaper a baby I will :

Savings calculated: break even in 12.45 weeks or 2.86 months.
You will save $262.78 in 6 months.
You will save $597.96 in 10 months.
You will save $765.55 in 1 year.
You will save $1268.33 in 1 1/2 years.

..and keep in mind that I can save these diapers and use them on future children (not that I'm thinking of future children at this time), but we are talking huge savings!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey you have to post pics of your stash soon.