Saturday, December 20, 2008

Frosted Grapes

Tonight my Mom and I made some frosted grapes for a bible study. These delicious "candies" are relatively healthy and also double as a beautiful garnish.
  • 40 large grapes
  • 3 egg whites, beaten but not stiff just bubbly-Since this involves raw egg I would recommend using organic eggs or pasteurized egg product
  • organic granulated sugar
  1. Brush the grapes with the egg white.
  2. Roll in sugar.
  3. Dry throughly on a rack.


Anonymous said...

Organic eggs are not the same as pasteurized eggs. If you truly want to be sure you're not passing along salmonella, pasteurization is the only option.

I'm not sure what most folks think organic means, but it definitely does not have anything to do with safety from salmonella.

Jennifer said...

Yes, I'm aware they are not the same thing- indeed you can still get salmonella from organic eggs or any egg product for that matter. As far as I'm aware you can only get pasteurized eggs in certain selective parts of the country-I'm yet to see pasteurized eggs in our area. The only form of pasteurized raw egg I know of available to us is via "egg product" in the carton.

Again, organic eggs certainly are not the same thing as pasteurized egg product but I feel more comfortable using them in something that calls for raw egg. I don't want to eat raw egg from a chicken that is shot up full of steroids and growth hormones.

Bertha P said...

I just don't know why all supermarkets don't offer safe food options. I mean pregnant women are everywhere!

The Davidson's eggs that I use are pasteurized, free of hormones and antibiotics, and Kosher.

We should all demand safe food from the places we shop.

Jennifer said...

Where do you get those at!?

Bertha P said...

I live near Chicago, so I get them at Jewel. You can visit the website to see if they might be available near you. But if they're not, you should ask your grocer to get them.

Lisa said...

Anyone eaten raw cookie dough? That has raw eggs and I've turned out fine and anyone else that's eaten it a time or two. Or brownie mix or cake batter. Doing some of this can be ok but I seriously think you can go overboard too.